Engage your customers with smart lighting
A new way to connect to and form a deeper relationship with your customers. With just one smart light bulb you can take your customer engagement to the next level.

The first smart light with smart services

Smart services that light up your life, not just your living room.

Football Service

Synchronised lighting when your team plays, scores and wins.

Wake-up Service

Wake-Up feeling refreshed
with light, the natural way.

Away-from-home Service

Make it look like someone's in, even when you're out.

National Alert Service

Use lighting to alert you to extreme weather and more.

Bring more drama to
every match

Why work with VREEDA?

your products

A unique offering - the most advanced smart lighting - but affordable enough to use as a sales incentive

Increase your
market share

In a recent pilot, consumers signed up for an insurance policy months in advance, just to get a free VREEDA light bulb

Get more engagement

Our smart services form a deeper bond with customers around the things that matter to them, from football to keeping their homes safe

Reduce your risks

For insurers, smart lighting is the perfect entry point to proactive risk reduction

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