Engage your customers with smart lighting

A new way to connect to and form a deeper relationship with your customers. With just one smart light bulb you can take your customer engagement to the next level.

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The first smart light with smart services.

One light, multiple use cases
Football Service

Synchronised lighting when your team plays, scores and wins.

Away-from-home Service

Make it look like someone's in, even when you're out.

Wake-up Service

Wake-Up feeling refreshed with light, the natural way.

National Alert Service

Use lighting to alert you to extreme weather and more.

And more to come!

Develop new bespoke lighting service to push your business and your product. Our IoT platform stands ready.

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Why work with VREEDA

Targeting new customers

Targeted activation of selected user groups via contextual meaningfulness in combination with a positive event e.g. when the sponsored club wins a match.

Increase awareness and loyalty

Increase brand awareness and customer loyalty through contextual promotion of preventive risk reduction or health with Away-from-home Service, Wake-up Service and light reminders.

Bespoke lightning services

Acquiring new customers by simply developing bespoke lighting services - thanks to our modern IoT platform, there are almost no limits to the implementation of smart (lighting) services.

Get more engagement

Lighting plays a major role in the life of every customer, whether young or old, tenant or homeowner. Smart light has almost unlimited possibilities for exciting use case and can have an emotional, calming or awakening effect.

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A unique offering - the most advanced smart lighting - but affordable enough to use as a sales incentive.

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