Our smart lights come with smart services built in.
One light bulb connected to the VREEDA platform brings your customers everyday services that keep them engaged with your brand.
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Give your customers a new way to be engaged

Instead of traditional sales and loyalty incentives, invest in a smart choice with lasting value.

Our RGB colour bulb puts a world of light and unique services at your customers’ fingertips – and gives you a visible role in their day-to-day lives.

Bring more drama to every match

Football mode lets you share the good times with customers as well as the bad.

Each customer can choose how they would like their light to behave during the match, celebrating goals and enlivening the atmosphere.

Keep customers ahead of the weather

A branded message from you advises customers to activate their smart light for weather alerts if there's a storm coming.

It encourages preventative action, and lets them know you care.

Protect customers' homes when they are not at home

Away mode' helps to deter opportunistic intruders by simulating human presence.

VREEDA can also send branded messages to let customers know if burglaries are increasing in their area.

Regular customer engagement reports

Your VREEDA dashboard shows how your customers have engaged with smart services, and how your brand's messages have provided value to their daily life.

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